COVID-19 Update May 7

We haven’t done one of these in a while! The big question everyone is asking is “when will events resume?” With the recent announcement by Wizards of the Coast that Organized Play could resume for their games on May 28, there has been understandable excitement about the possibility of gaming together. In this post, I […]

Magic: the Gathering

Strixhaven Play at Home Kits

Grab a Strixhaven Play at Home Kit and jumpstart your Strixhaven experience! Each kit comes with 3 Strixhaven Set Booster packs 2 Kaldheim Draft Booster Packs 2 Strixhaven Promo Booster Packs For every THREE kits you buy you get 1 bonus FOIL Strixhaven Promo Pack Roughly a value of 9-10 packs worth of rares, normally […]