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So just what’s inside the Warcry Starter Set? Quite a lot, as it turns out! While you’ll be able to get your hands on your copy in a couple of weeks, we gave some Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans a chance to crack open the box and try the game for themselves – here’s how they found it…

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They’ve got a good reason to be excited! The Warcry Starter Set is absolutely packed with content – and we’re going to take you through all of it. First up…

The Warbands & Chaotic Beasts
You’ll be able to battle out of the box with two Warcry warbands – the Untamed Beasts and the Iron Golem – and a host of Chaotic Beasts. Supplied in plastic, each of these offers their own opportunities for modellers, painters and gamers alike – here’s how they look on the sprue…

And here’s what they look like painted!

But just where are you meant to battle? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered there, too!

The Terrain
The boxed set contains loads and loads of brand-new scenery, bringing one of the ruined cityscapes of the Bloodwind Spoil to your tabletop. Depicting the remains of one of the great cities of Order built in the Eightpoints in the Age of Myth, this modular terrain set can be configured in all sorts of patterns to build awesome battlefields. It’s even got stairs designed for your miniatures to slot into!

A double-sided gaming board, meanwhile, gives you a great-looking playing area wherever you are. Meanwhile setting up your games is simple thanks to the battleplan cards…

The Battleplan Cards

In Warcry, games are super-varied thanks to the battleplan cards – an innovation designed to generate epic battles in moments. Simply draw one card from each of the four decks, and you’ll have a thrilling gameplan sorted, including terrain, objectives, deployment and twists that offer new challenges for your games. With literally millions of possible outcomes, no two games need ever be alike. You’ll find a set of battleplan cards and terrain cards for the ruined city terrain in your core set.

Now all we need are the rules!

The Core Book

We’ve included the full and unabridged Core Book in every copy of Warcry. This dark tome is your guide to the world and game of Warcry – you can read more about it in yesterday’s preview.

This is your essential resource for playing the game itself, while rules for individual warbands can be found on your fighter cards.

Fighter and Ability Cards
Every warband in Warcry has rules on a set of nifty cards. These take the form of an abilities card – which includes names for each type of a fighter on one side, and special abilities on the other…

Fighter cards, meanwhile, let you track the rules for the warriors in your warband at a glance. For convenience, these use symbols known as runemarks instead of words – after a few games, you’ll find knowing what these mean becomes second nature. We’ll be looking at a few fighter cards throughout the week – this key shows what the different symbols mean.

Last, but not least, we’ve got…

The Tokens!
Token sheets! We can’t get enough of them. Your Warcry set contains a token sheet to keep track of ongoing effects, objectives and so on at a glance. Handy… and oh so satisfying to pop out before the first time you play!