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D&D and Magic – Youth Summer Gaming Programs

This July we are introducing two week-long youth events designed to give children ages 8-16 a chance to build social and teamwork skills through gaming. The first of these events will be a D&D-focused series called “Venture Forth” from July 11-15 and the second will be the Magic the Gathering themed, “Ignite Your Spark” and take place from July 18-22. Each day’s event will last from 12 pm – 4 pm, and focus on a different set of skills vital to the game. Children will be divided according to age and experience, with older and more experienced children assisting the younger in learning life and gaming skills.

Dungeons and Dragons

Experienced Instructors

Our owners and staff have experience as teachers and gamers, so your children will get the best of both words.

  • Quality materials and instruction
  • Large tables for playing
  • Safe, comfortable environment located in the heart of Penfield
  • Emphasis on teamwork, creativity and sporting play
  • A great time for budding gamers!


D&D Day Camp – “Venture Forth”

Are your young adventurers read to venture forth with their friends in search of dragons? Then sign them up for the “Venture Forth” program, daily from noon – 4 pm, July 11-15, and they will learn cooperative gaming skills, teamwork, critical thinking and ultimately create a dungeon module to take home and challenge their friends with, so they can learn to be better players in life and in D&D.

Day 1, Monday: Rules basics. Character creation. Each player will generate a character using D&D Adventurers League and the materials in Player’s Handbook. Focus will be on building a balanced party with respect to the other characters at their table. Players will then play a brief adventure, using the characters they have made. Players will each get a Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide, a set of dice, graph paper, pencils and paper to use throughout the week and keep after the event.

Day 2, Tuesday: Dungeon Building 101. Players will break into groups. Each group will make a dungeon map, noting important features, traps, locations of treasure and monsters. Learn several techniques for dungeon creation and mapping to make the dungeon map “pop” for your friends.

Day 3, Wednesday: Populating the Dungeon: Player groups will build balanced encounters for their dungeons for characters of level 1. Each child will build a “boss fight” and learn to make a memorable villain.

Day 4, Thursday: Fleshing out the World. Why is the Dungeon on Day 3 where it is? What is nearby? Who will send the heroes to adventure here? Players learn to make NPCs and non-combat encounters. Each player will contribute to the Dungeon their group has created.

Day 5, Friday: Playing the Dungeon (continued). In their groups, players will select a Dungeon master and play the Dungeon they created using their characters from Day 1. At the end of the adventure, each group will receive a copy of their Dungeon, printed and bound, for their use in the future.

After the camp, players will be invited to attend D&D on a future day for a kids D&D table featuring the modules they created!


Magic Day Camp – “Ignite Your Spark”

Do you have a young Planeswalker who wants to hone his or her teamwork and spellcasting skills? Enroll them in the “Ignite Your Spark” program, daily from noon to 4 pm, July 18-22. Focused on teaching children critical thinking, teamwork, and sportsmanship skills through the game Magic: the Gathering, this is the perfect event for your budding Planeswalker.

Day 1, Monday: Rules and deckbuilding 101. Learn to make a Magic deck including concepts such as correct mana curve, ratios between creatures and spells. Players will be supplied with an Intro Deck and a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit. Core concepts include putting math skills into action to build decks strategically. Players will converse with experienced Magic players and each other and play several games to test their decks, followed by a round of revisions.

Day 2, Tuesday: Booster Draft. Players will learn the draft format, including strategies for building a good draft deck in 30 minutes or less. Core concepts include learning to make decisions efficiently, choosing cards based on their relative use in draft, and math in action.

Day 3, Wednesday: 2-Headed Giant. Players will be assigned teammates and learn the two-headed giant format. They will use their cards from both Monday and Tuesday to rebuild decks with their teammate in order to play a team format. Core concepts include interpreting rules in their context, working with a teammate, and sportsmanship. Teams will receive team-prizes for sportsmanship, best constructed team-deck, and participating in a brief tournament.

Day 4, Thursday: Standard Constructed. Players will learn to play Magic on their own, tournament-style. Prizes will be awarded to each player at the end of the event for participating in the form of booster packs. Trading etiquette and techniques will also be taught, and a trade binder provided for each player to keep.

Day 5, Friday: Advanced Deckbuilding. Players will modify their Thursday decks for play at Friday Night Magic. Using a budget of $50 store credit, and the guidance of their piers and our experienced staff of Magic players, they will select cards to strengthen their decks or focus on a specific strategy. After construction we will playtest our budding Planeswalkers new decks in a series of friendly matches.

This event may optionally culminate in participation in Friday Night Magic at 6pm (optional, additional entry fee may apply, children may choose the format they enjoy from the three types of play they will have learned throughout the week and put that format into action).

Cost & other details

$225 per attendee, per session. Includes all materials listed, printing costs, and hours spent. Pre-sign up required before July 1. A $50 non-refundable fee is required at time of signup. Balance is due at the start of each session. Parents required to provide emergency contact information and to pick children up promptly at end of each session.

What to Bring

Children and teens will be provided with all materials necessary to play. Otherwise children should bring lunch and a drink (outside drinks will be allowed for children in these sessions only – sorry grown ups!).
$50 reservation fee per session due at sign up. Balance of $175 due on first day of each session.

Pre-registration is now closed for these events.