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D&D Youth League, Oct 19

D&D youth league continues on Oct 19, from noon to 3 pm.

Parents and older children are encouraged to ask about participating as Dungeon Masters, however all content is determined by the Just Games staff. Parents with younger children should plan to remain in attendance. Remember: our staff are not babysitters, they are game runners. If your child is not of an age to be left, you are required to remain with them. Tables have a strict no cellphone policy, so parents should plan accordingly.

We have introduced a couple different tickets to this month’s ticketing system, so please read carefully as the options have changed:

  • Returning player, ages 8-13, has played in Just Games Youth League before
  • New Player, ages 8-13, has never played D&D or never played a Youth League before
  • Co-DM, ages 13-16, has played a lot of D&D and wants to start learning Dungeon Master skills. Will assist a DM.

The next event in this series will tentatively be Nov 16 from noon to 3pm. Because this is a program requiring staff, pre-registration is required to ensure a seat. You may pre-register any time before the event online by using the link below.

D&D Youth League (Oct 19)


D&D Youth League