Store events

Weekly Events Return, June 14

We’re pleased to announce that our weekly lineup of events will return on June 14, 2021! We’re going to start modestly, and see how many folks attend. Then after a week or two, we’re going to start adding events onto nights that have space, where those events are reasonably complimentary.

Some games, like Pokemon, still do not permit in-store play. So, we won’t be doing those until the publishers relax those restrictions. Still, those are the exceptions now, and most games you can expect to return over the summer. Here’s our list.

Preliminary* Weekly Event Schedule

  • Monday | D&D – 6 pm (starts the 14th) | $5
  • Tuesday | Legion – 6 pm (starts the 15th) | $5
  • Wednesday | Draft / Commander Nights – 6 pm | $20 / $5
  • Thursday | Board Games / Digimon / Pioneer – 6 pm | $5 / $10 / $10
  • Friday | FNM – Draft / Standard / Modern – 6 pm | $20 / $10 / $10
  • Saturday | Commander League – Noon | $5
  • Sunday | 40K & AoS – Noon (starts the 20th) | $5

*More details are coming soon! Exact events are subject to change as communities chime in with specific needs – if your event is on a bad day for you, or you’ve got a crew that wants to play some OTHER day, let us know! If your game’s not on the list yet, don’t worry! You can email to request your game be added.

Game Room Entry

Effective immediately, using the game room outside of events with entry fees will cost $5 per person. That $5 will immediately be refunded to your account as store credit.

For that $5 you will get use of the space up to 6 pm, subject to our Code of Conduct as always. Continued use of the space after 6 pm, unless it directly conflicts with a paid event (this would be unexpected). Access to our hundreds of rental games in-store for the day, free of charge while you’re in store.

This structure is what it is. Margins shrink and aggressive raises to shipping costs from publishers have to be passed on somewhere – rather than unilaterally raise every price in response to these issues, we simply have to monetize every chair in our play space that gets used. It is also, frankly, a way for us to stop everyone at the desk and get their proof of vaccination, thus ensuring a much safer atmosphere for our guests.

That said, since you get it back as store credit, we’re really only asking you to promise to buy something, eventually. And if you’re not sure what, may we suggest you try a game from our library? We mentioned there are hundreds, right?

Vaccine Passports

All game room use will require you to present proof of vaccination. You can use the Excelsior Pass, or your COVID-19 vaccine card, but you won’t be let in without one. Thanks for your cooperation.


Event Details

40K Escalation League, Sundays Noon, starting June 20

With our game room opening up, it’s time for a new 40k Escalation league! A great way to get introduced to the game, build a new army, or compete with an already painted force.

League starts at Combat Patrol size, at 500 points per player. After 3 weeks of play, the game size will increase by 500 points, moving to Incursion, then to 1500 point Strikeforce games, and finally ending at 2000 point Strike Force games. Missions will be pulled from the Big Rule Book for Combat Patrol and Incursion, then from the 2021 Chapter Approved Mission Pack.

All current point values, rules, and supplements will be in play as they are released. If your codex drops mid league, you’ll be allowed to swap into your new codex.

Entry: $5 per week, or any 40k purchase. Prizes for first, second, third, and best painted. Scoring based on Win/Loss, with overall points throughout the league being used for tie-breaking.

Hope to see you there!