Board Games

Board Game Spotlight: Spiel nominee Zombie Teenz

By Chris Jones, Zombie Game Connoisseur Our upcomming Games for Everyone – Spiel Nominees day in August will feature some great games – among them is Zombie Teenz – Evolution! Zombie Teenz Evolution is a family friendly zombie romp that is quick, exciting, and easy to pick up! Each player picks a teen of their […]

Gen Con Release Store events

Pop-Up Gen Con at Just Games

Hi all! Just Games is pleased to announce (officially!) that we’re hosting Pop-up Gen Con this year! There will be a whole slate of early release board games and demos running, from great publishers! We’re pretty excited to wrap this into our Games for Everyone event series too! What is this event? Pop-Up Gen Con […]

40K Age of Sigmar Classes

Painting Skills Class with Hobbiest Girl

Just Games is pleased to partner with the Sophie Mosher, the Hobbiest Girl herself, for a series of painting skills classes! These are geared toward intermediate painters, but any beginner will find Sophie approachable and easy to ask questions of, either in-person or via chat! Speaking of, there’s an in-person option at our game room. […]

Board Games Store events

Games for Everyone Series!

We’re happy to be back to in-person play! And we don’t want board gamers left out, so we’re announcing our “Games for Everyone” series, an amazing weekend of events hosted by our own, Riley and many of our publisher partners! This will be a monthly board game series, with supplemental events around the city, and […]

Magic: the Gathering Store events

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease & Preorders

Store events are back, and so are Magic prereleases! We expect July 16-22’s D&D-themed¬†Adventures in the Forgotten Realms to be perhaps the largest, most popular summer Magic set in history. The art spoiled so far is absolutely stunning. Dungeons and Dragons has a following perhaps more massive than even Magic, so it’s a real opportunity […]