Sell Magic Singles

Just Games is east side Rochester‘s source for Magic: the Gathering singles. We have a wide selection of Standard singles, but we also stock over a half-million individual cards in our card catalog, ranging from ultra-rare Legacy and Vintage staples like Moxes and Dual Lands, to casual EDH and Commander cards like Thrumming Stone and Gamble. We open thousands of packs so that you don’t have to!

Trading in and selling Magic Cards

We buy Magic singles! The rates below should give you a general idea of what to expect, but please note that in stock quantity may have a positive or negative impact on these prices.

General MTG Trade Rates

Generally higher dollar cards are purchased for higher rates. We use a combination of market pricing, Ebay auctions, and premium retailer selling prices to give you update pricing daily. No more outdated buy lists – just an accurate rate based on the collectable market.

  • $1-3 cards | generally $.10 each
  • $3+ cards | generally 35-65% of our market value, depending on condition, cash vs store credit, our stock and a few other factors.


Bulk Rates

  • Bulk commons & uncommons, unsorted, facing same direction = We are not currently purchasing these
  • Bulk Basic land, unsorted, facing same direction = $5 / 1000
  • Bulk Rares / mythics, unsorted = $.10 per card
  • Bulk foils, unsorted = $.05 per card
  • Bulk Pokemon Cards = $15 / 1000

For bulk quantities greater than 20,000 please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Except under rare circumstances, we do not accept bulk cards sold by other stores. 

We reserve the right to refuse any trade, at any time, for any reason. We may adjust these prices up or down with no further written warning than this sentence. To trade in cards you must be 18 or older, possess a valid government issued ID, own all cards traded in, and provide Just Games with a phone number, email, signature and address at which you may be contacted if necessary.


When do you buy?

We recently updated our buying hours! We typically buy cards daily, by walk in, but if you have a large quantity or a valuable collection, an appointment is highly recommended. Email to set one up.


How do you pay?

Store credit or PayPal payment (any applicable fees or taxes are the sellers responsibility). For larger collections of individual cards ($1000+) we may write a check.


Do you appraise / authenticate cards?

No, we do not.

When you bring cards in, we will offer a rate for the entire collection you bring in. We do not individually break cards out of stacks or sort your collection for you. Please bring us only cards you want to sell.

We can recommend some very good appraisal services if you need this, but we don’t perform them at the counter.


How do you value cards?

We use a combination of TCGPlayer’s Professional software, our database and price history, and a snapshot of large marketplaces that have that individual cards have sold or auctioned for for in the last 72 hours across multiple online markets (Ebay, Amazon, TCG, etc). This ensures that buy and sell prices are as accurate as possible.

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