Magic the Gathering

We are Rochester‘s family-friendly Magic the Gathering store. Want to have a good time at a Magic tournament, playing against friends of all ages and experience levels, without the pressure of a huge competitive crowd of tournament players? We hope you’ll give us a chance to introduce you to our excellent and friendly community of players by trying booster draft, constructed, or even 2-headed giant Friday Night Magic! We also offer a huge selection of products.

If you’re looking for a few booster packs of the latest Magic the Gathering expansion, or something rarer like the perfect foil commander for EDH, we stock everything Magic the Gathering related. We also have out of print like box sets, rare and hard to find items, and booster packs.

Magic the Gathering Singles

Need that card for your new deck? Want to trade in singles you opened in a pack for something else? You can do that right in our store!

Check out our online inventory of singles, or stop in for some trades. 


We host all kinds of events, from the casual learn to play or Commander event, to pro-tour tracked tournaments. As a Wizards of the Coast Premium store, we are the premier location for all things Magic-related. We’re also one of the only places in the world (really!) for exclusive Premium products.

Friendly Teachers

Our staff can also show you all the cool stuff you can do with Magic, and our Magic Mentors can usher you into “event life” if you’re interested. Now is the time to learn the world’s best card game!

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