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D&D Skills Masterclass – August 2024 | Space Hamster Edition

Part of our Epic D&D Skills series – make your D&D Epic!

6- 9 pm Tuesdays in August

Want to turn your D&D game at home into an epic event? Want to learn how to build suspense and theatricality with minimal investment? Join our D&D Masterclass – the Craft of DMing, Tuesdays in August from 6 – 9 pm. Like all of our Masterclass series, topics chance, so this is not the same list of topics from April – please read carefully! 

One fee of $60 covers the whole month of classes – normally $20 each, this all inclusive price covers all the things you’ve been curious about while playing D&D. Learn from expert painters, DMs, and community coaches to hone your “D&D-related skills” so that you’re ready to DM, or play some next level games with great visuals. It’s all right here as part of our Epic D&D event series.

Important: Due to a limited edition hamster model (I can’t believe I just wrote that), seating is limited, so preregistration is essential.

Topics Schedule

  • Tuesday, August 6: Getting Cute: Giant Space Hamster Painting 
    • Learn to paint a Giant Space Hamster and participate in a round table discussion of “cuteness” at the table and when to DM with it or lean into it
  • Tuesday, August 13: Improve your Improv: Character is life
    • Improv workshop led by fan-favorite Eric Loughlin of Take 5 Studios focusing on creating a lifelike character from a prompt or to fit into a campaign
  • Tuesday, August 20: Use Terrain in your Campaign
    • Our library of Dwarven Forge isn’t an accident – create a map with it, and get familiar with how we use it on the fly to create worlds for your D&D campaign. Take home starter terrain room for each participant to paint and assemble!
  • Tuesday, August 27: Bring it together: DMing with Character
    • Eric returns to show you how to DM for characters that your players created – even when it’s not what you expect! Players will rotate the DM roll in a 20-minute “RPG speed dating” format using Lady Blackbird prompts
  • Exact class topics subject to change based on instructor availability 

All 4 weeks are included in one $60 ticket price!

Supplies to bring

Please note that no additional supplies are required for this Masterclass cycle, though you are encouraged to bring your own paint tools if you have them, and pencils and paper for the role-playing sessions. We’ll provide paints and supplies for all the activities, as well as instructors.

Register today

Preregistration is absolutely critical for us to provide the best possible experience. There is no requirement that you participated in Epic D&D, but if you did, this class is setup with you specifically in mind. For new players, this is the perfect way to learn the painting, DMing, and improvisational skills to make your D&D game epic!

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