Board Game Rentals

Just Games has variety of game rentals starting at $5 for 4 days.

This is great if you want to try a game, but don’t have time for a game night or demo, or if you only think you might play a game once.

Return the game on time and get the rental fee returned to you as store credit! Rent $50 of games, get em back on time and earn $50.

Full terms and conditions are available in store. A valid credit card, government ID, and membership is required to rent a game. Check our selection out at the rear of the store or online.

Games Available for Rent

You can head right over to our website to view our full rental selection online. More are added every week, and we’re always demoing games in store! If you rent a game online, bear in mind you will have to pick the game up in store or pay for delivery; we will not ship rental games.

View rental library online



We have a variety of games available starting at $5 for 4 days rental. Take the game home and try it! Return it on time and get store credit equal to your rental fee! It’s a great way to only buy games you KNOW you’re going to love!

You must have a credit card and valid ID to rent a game. Your Credit Card will be kept securely stored with our processor. You must be 18 to rent a game.


  • On-Time Return Bonus: When returned on time, the full price of the rental will be credited to your in-store credit account.

Example: you rent $50 of games. You return them on time, and $50 of store credit is added to your account.

  • Rentals may not be paid for with store credit or gift cards
  • Reward points may be redeemed for free rentals at a more favorable rate. Ask our staff for details
  • Late games incur their entire rental fee as a penalty, in four-day increments, starting on the first day late. This fee will be waved by returning the game. On-time Return Bonus will not be given for late games.

Accounts with unreturned, late rentals, that routinely return games damaged or missing parts, or abuse this program in any way, may be subject to suspension of membership privileges, with or without written warning, at any time, at the sole discretion of Just Games management.

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