Community Support

We remain dedicated to our mission statement that gaming is for everyone; regardless of their level of expertise or experience, age, race, sex, gender or background in the hobby. We believe a local business must be more than just a place to buy product or hang out (though a game store is certainly those things!), it must be an active participant in its neighbors lives.

For this reason we participate actively in donation to and supporting local non-profits, libraries, and community-centered organizations via cash, in-kind or event support donations. Here are some of the organizations we have supported, run events with or donated to. Many are chosen because members of our community bring us causes that matter to them – some are chosen as offsets for environmental impacts caused by retail – and still others are chosen for their overall community benefit.

We are a better neighbor, because we listen to your priorities. Here are a few of the organizations we have recently worked with:

Total Contributions

You can see our annual contributions to date in the footer of this website. On average, we contribute $11,000 annually to local groups such as these.

Mission Statement

Just Games is a community-focused inclusive game store that believes a local business should support it’s community with events and programming whose goal is to provide the best possible gaming experience to all participants and to elevate the perception of gamers in the public eye.

Thank you!

Thank you for your support! As customers, you are what drives these contributions! If you have an organization that has created a meaningful impact in the Rochester area community that you’re a part of, please contact us at about event opportunities!