Like Lego? Enjoy building toys and bricks? Want to do a little building while you game? We’re going to set you up right at our custom build space, now open.

Our new custom building center seats 10 avid builders around 4 massive bins of loose Lego bricks, allowing kids to build while you game, or allowing you to build between games. The bins cover with transparent acrylic plates, so that the table doubles as a miniatures or D&D space.

We also offer rules for wargaming using Lego for Mobile Frame Zero, minifigs, and a variety of select Lego sets. Stop in and check it out during your favorite regularly scheduled game night!

Mobile Frame Zero is a miniatures wargame using Lego bricks, whose rules can be downloaded for free from the  creator’s website or purchased in store as a book. Developed in part by Vincent Baker, author of the indie RPG Dogs in the Vineyard.


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