Dominaria United Legends Promo List

Each box of Dominaria United will come with 1 card from this list as an added bonus, just for shopping at Just Games. As with all our giveaways, the cards are selected by us, then inserted into blind packs and randomized.

The Abyss
Acid Rain
Active Volcano
Alabaster Potion
Amrou Kithkin
Anti-Magic Aura
Avoid Fate
Azure Drake
Blazing Effigy
Cat Warriors
Clergy of the Holy Nimbus
Crimson Kobolds
Crookshank Kobolds
Cyclopean Mummy
D’Avenant Archer
Devouring Deep
Divine Offering
Durkwood Boars
Emerald Dragonfly
Enchanted Being
Enchantment Alteration
Energy Tap
Fire Sprites
Flash Flood
Force Spike
Gaseous Form
Ghosts of the Damned
Giant Slug
Giant Turtle
Glyph of Delusion
Glyph of Destruction
Glyph of Doom
Glyph of Reincarnation
Hell Swarm
Hornet Cobra
Indestructible Aura
Keepers of the Faith
Kobold Drill Sergeant
Kobolds of Kher Keep
Land Tax
Moss Monster
Mountain Stronghold
Osai Vultures
Pit Scorpion
Psychic Purge
Rabid Wombat
Remove Enchantments
Remove Soul
Riven Turnbull
Shelkin Brownie
Spirit Shackle
Storm Seeker
Syphon Soul
Tetsuo Umezawa
The Brute
Tobias Andrion
Tundra Wolves
Untamed Wilds
Vampire Bats
Venarian Gold
Walking Dead
Wall of Caltrops
Wall of Earth
Wall of Heat
Wall of Light
Wall of Shadows
Wall of Vapor
Winds of Change
Wolverine Pack
Zephyr Falcon