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Events with open pre-registration are listed below.
Ticket price varies by event, see original posting for details. For two-headed giant events where you wish to play with a specific player, please buy two tickets, and put the names of the players in the Comments at checkout. If you do not specify a teammate, we will try to match you accordingly.


Learn to Play D&D [Adults]

We are pleased to offer an “as scheduled” learn to play D&D game. Games will schedule as soon as we get 4 interested parties, will run for 4 weeks on a day everyone can meet on, and cover all aspects of the game – from basics to miniatures and terrain use. Afterwards you will be well equipped to join an Adventurers League table Mondays, participate in Epics or run a home game. Cost is $100 for the entire run, due when the event is scheduled. There is no cost to indicate interest by filling in the form below.

Once we have 4 interested players, we will work with you to find a day that our DM can run your intro session.

Please choose the option that best describes you. We will contact you with scheduling options when enough players have signed up.


Pokemon Unbroken Bonds

April 28, noon

Pokemon Unbroken Bonds


War of the Spark

Pre-registration for events that have open tickets can be found below.

Advance tickets are sold out, but at the door seats may be available.

D&D Youth League (Upcoming Session)

This ticket is for the next session occurring on the calendar – hopefully, if all is working, you were directed here by a ticketing link in that event. Check the event itself for details.

D&D Youth League