Birthday parties, school and corporate events

Just Games is pleased to offer a variety of events for children and companies looking to add a little extra pop to their team building event.

Off site events

We have a variety of event programs that can come to you.

  • Rent our extensive game library $500 for one full day. We’ll bring it to you, set it up, display and arrange demos, and take it away afterward.
  • D&D Played at your venue (not available for private games): $200 per table of 7 adults. Proof of proper insurance required for venue.
  • Magic taught at your venue: $100 per table of 8 adults. Proof of proper insurance required for venue.

Corporate Team Building

We will run either a short term or ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign for your office, customized for your staff. Complete with props, sound track, projection and video (where appropriate and possible) our professional DMs will run as many tables of D&D as you need at an off site location of your choosing. Cost is $300 per table for a one-time event, $2,000 per table for a 6 month monthly campaign. Tables can seat up to 8 players. Sessions are intended to last for 4 hours, and focus on cooperative problem solving and high-stakes tactical combat. Players are provided with pre-generated characters and need have no knowledge of D&D (it might be better if they don’t!).

Reserving our Game Room

You can also reserve our entire game room for your Team Building event on any weekday from noon to 5 pm. This reservation comes with access to our board game library, spacious game room with seating for 92 pre-set (more is possible as are different arrangements with fewer players and more table space), video monitor for learn to play videos, and optional “Game Guide” with one of our staff walking your entire team through pre-selected board games of your choice. You are welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic drink of your choosing with this registration.

Game Room Weekday Reservation

Birthday parties, school and corporate events

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