Schools & Libraries

Games for Young Adults

We offer a variety of games and events for teens and kids, including our D&D and Magic summer programs in July. Some great games for youth are Blokus, Catan, Cranium, Dixit, Codenames, Timeline, and the entire line of Haba children’s development board games to name a few. These would be great additions to your school or library’s game library, just ask us about packages!


Lending Library

Just Games offers a variety of board game rentals for 4 days. Normally these rentals cost $5-$10, but for educational institutions and libraries we offer them free of charge. All you need to do is set up a free membership in your library branch’s name, under the name of the librarian responsible for the game. If your library requires a longer lending period, or a large quantity of an individual game, special arrangements may need to be made by emailing

This is an excellent program for teachers and librarians who might be interested in building a game library, but want “proven” games that their students or teens already enjoy before committing resources to purchasing.

Building Your Own Institution’s own Library

We offer a discount program to libraries or schools (sorry, not individual teachers) wishing to build their own library, which comes with free consultation on tools and systems helpful for curating a game library. Taking advantage of this program requires a written plan for where and how the games will be housed and made available to students or the public, as well as a tax exemption form. For details, please contact

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