If you love dice, Just Games is your go to store in Rochester! We have the east-coast’s largest selection of custom dice, as well as a massive selection of great brands like Chessex, Q-Workshop and Die Hard.


Die Hard Metals

If you want that extra spice in your game, our selection of metal sets will really pop! We also have great magnetic trays perfect for travel, or wooden trays for a more permanent fixture in your home.

Die Hard is the best metal die brand, sold by the friendliest shopkeepers in the realm. Upgrade your game with a magnificent set of solid die cast metal for D&D, or polymer for general purpose. Let us help you find the perfect set for you.

We take dice seriously, because we know it’s not just about how they roll, it’s about how WELL they roll!


Custom Dice

If you love D&D, you’ll love our custom line of Dungeon Master tools, designed to render your entire DMG of charts in a simple easy to carry bag.

Whether you’re looking for a die to represent that random NPC’s attitude, or one to find out what’s in that goblin’s pockets, these dice will make your role-playing game really a breeze.


Shop Dice online

You can browse our selection right online, or just come on in! If you’re shopping online, you can also see all the brands by using the Brand section, or just dive right in to the browsing!

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