Board Games

From traditional games like chess, checkers and Dominoes, to new wave games like Settlers of Catan, Dominion and Descent, we have games for all types of players, from the seasoned veteran to kids just picking up their first game. With over 1000 titles in stock, we are the Rochester and Penfield‘s best stop for board games.

Games for Everyone

One of our core values is that “everyone should game.” We try to have a game for everyone! So, no matter your age or experience level, we’ve got a board game for you!

Kids Board Games

We also emphasize community and family-first, and work together with other local venues such as Northside Middle School, Harley, the Strong Museum of Play and many more amazing local partners to bring board games into the Rochester community! When you shop here, you’re not just supporting a local business, you’re supporting your community too!

Great companies like Blue Orange and HABA are our go-tos for childrens board games. With titles like Photosynthesis, Hannah Honeybee, and Rhino Hero, these games teach nature, math and social skills all in one!

Board Games

Board Game Rental & Demo

Not sure what to buy? Want to check out a game before you buy it? No problem! We offer board game rentals, demo nights, and open play nights where you can play games from home with your friends and neighbors.

Our board game library is available to browse, live, online! It contains hundreds of titles like 7 Wonders, Catan, Point Salad, Qwirckle, Ishtar, and more. We work with great companies like Fantasy Flight Games, Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill. We also provide in-store demos of any of the games in our library!

Just Games is the source for board games in East Rochester, Penfield, Victor, Fairport, Webster, Greece, Irondequoit and the greater Rochester metropolitan area.

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