We take no responsibility for items left behind in our store, at events, or otherwise lost while shopping with us.

As a courtesy, we will store found items for a maximum of 30 days.  If you believe you may have left something at Just Games please let us know ASAP and we can search for it. Items left more than 30 days will be destroyed or discarded due to storage constraints. We reserve the right to discard any items abandoned prior to 30 days if we have reasonable cause to believe the owner will not return for them, or our storage limitations do not allow them to remain in our lost and found.


  • Returns on non-collectible items are accepted within 30 days from purchase with a receipt. Returns will be made in the original form of payment or store credit. Returned items must be in new, sellable condition.
  • Sales are final on collectible items (collectible card game packs, singles, comic books, blind booster items)
  • Sales are final on clearance items or blind buys of any kind (holiday mystery gifts)


Just Games will never sell or trade your email or personal information to any 3rd party. Emails will be used to send you event announcements (which you may opt out of) or transactional emails about purchases or orders at the stores. Your personal data may be handled by Just Games in any or all of the following ways, depending on your transactions and how you shop with us:

  • Email addresses, First and Last Names are saved with all user orders and accounts.
  • Billing addresses are required on all orders placed for shipment or subscription for payment purposes.
  • Order history and order data saved per user can contain personal information including product, option and other cost associated data.
  • IP information is saved on order processing to help payment processors develop and implement fraud protection processes.
  • In some payment processing, the last 4 digits of a credit card and also the expiration date are saved and used in order management for authentication and verification of terminal orders. All card data is handled in strict compliance with PCI processing guidelines, including regular security scans.
  • ONLINE: Cookies and session data is often stored and used for ecommerce tracking, and can include a personally identifiable signature to tie a user to their shopping cart, account, and purchasing history.
  • ONLINE: Checkouts are secured by a 3rd party, such as PayPal, who may have their own data collection or privacy statements. Just Games in no way takes responsibility for or endorses these policies.
  • ONLINE: Just Games implements several tracking code systems such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel which indirectly may collect user information such as order data, location, and page flow tracking. This information is not saved directly within our systems, but is directly implemented and passes personal information to those systems.
  • Personal data is retained as long as necessary for processing customer rewards, transactions, or tax filings, as required by law.
  • You may, at any time, for any reason, request the deletion of your personal data. Just Games will delete all record of you, insofar as we are permitted to by US, State and international law. Requesting this will also forfeit any rewards account, sales data, preferences, or store credit tied to your customer account (as deleting your data also means breaking the link to these things). If this is concerning, please ensure you exhaust all rewards / store credit prior to this request.

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please direct your questions to admin@justgamesroc.com

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