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The five people you’ll meet at your D&D table

By Mikey Martin  Tabletop roleplaying game players: You know ‘em and you love ‘em. But once you’ve sat at enough tables you start to see a pattern emerge. Through the nature of role-playing, players start to fall into a few broad archetypes. Both in the role of someone running a game and as a player, […]

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What is D&D?

By Mikey Martin  “You want to do what?” I brought my hand to my temple, rubbing in small circles as though it would make my player’s idea any less reckless. “I said I want to shove my friends out of the way of the Guildleader’s spell.” Oh. They weren’t kidding. The Guildleader’s amulet was crackling […]

Magic: the Gathering

What to expect at a Magic the Gathering prerelease

Prerelease is one of the most exciting times to be a Magic player, and it’s an exceptionally great time to dive into the game. Players are always abuzz about the latest and greatest cards, ripping open the packs, and trying out new and unique strategies. Coming to your first event as a new player might […]

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