Battletech Salvage Free For All, July 21

Starts at 2 pm and runs until 5:30 pm.

Classic Battletech Rules, with optional rules listed in the rules PDF
A Salvage Free For All is an event where players use the contents of two random salvage boxes to determine both what mechs they will be using in a free-for-all match as well as the prizes for that match.

You pay your entry fee and you get 2 salvage boxes. You look at the contents of both boxes and decide which one you want to play with. Each Mech has a predetermined variant and pilot rating. This keeps the BV totals as close as reasonable to each other. Check the back of the rules PDF for the variant and pilot ratings for each Mech. The Mech you select to use, you will keep. The Mech you do not use, goes into the prize pool for your group (pod). First place player for your group (pod) gets first choice of that group’s prize pool. We try to keep the group sizes to 4 or less, see rules for details. You’ll get the record sheet of your selected Mech at the store (we print them after you select your Mech). An additional Salvage box will be added to the prize pool per table of 4. Total cost is $18.52+tax ($20 after tax).


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