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Board Game of the Month: Canvas

Each month we’re picking out the highlighted games you might have missed that are proven games everyone loves! We feel so strongly these games have great expansion content, we’re also going to give you the expansions at a discount if you play the base. The board game for July 2024 is CANVAS!

How it works

  • The board game of the month is announced
  • During the month, take a picture(s) of yourself playing the game with a group of family/friends, or in-store, and submit it to us on Discord by tagging @staff in the Board Game General channel
  • Come into the store a collect a prize!
  • If you purchase the game of the month in-store, receive 30% off any expansion!

Monthly prizes are your choice of 1 Just Games sticker & 1 Just Games patch, or a bag of 10 game coins.

You are welcome to participate in as many groups as you want! However, you only need to send us one picture from one group for it to count, and prizes will not be based on participation in multiple groups. If you are looking for people to play with, try checking out our dedicated board game night on Thursdays or looking for a group on our active discord server. Don’t own the game? Check our rental library for a copy to try out!

By submitting photos to this event you permit Just Games to post, use, distribute and otherwise market using your photo, and acknowledge that you have all necessary permissions to submit any photos that you send.

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