D&D 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide and 2024 Monster Manual preorders

Just as we were among the first in the world to break the news about the new 2024 Player’s Handbook, we’re among the first to bring you news about the Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual updates.

2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide

Anticipated release October 29, 2024

This new and revised 2024 edition of the Dungeon Master’s Guide will bring your game play into a new decade of 5th edition D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024) Intended for Dungeon Masters of all experience levels, this essential resource provides incredibly useful tools and advice for running your D&D game Includes real-world examples of common pitfalls for Dungeon Masters, along with suggestions for how to handle them 15 new, ready-to-use, reusable maps for homebrew adventures; includes a double-sided poster map depicting Eastern Oerik from the Greyhawk setting and the city of Greyhawk Presents Greyhawk as a customizable, ready-to-use campaign setting for Dungeon Masters; set your adventures within Greyhawk or use it as a foundation for worlds you create.

D&D 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide and 2024 Monster Manual preorders

More than 300 new and improved treasures and magical items, including 18 brand new magical items Contains rules for bastions, strongholds built and controlled by players. With crafting, base-building, and resource gathering, bastions are a fun between-session option for players Easily find information on key D&D characters and locations with the Lore Glossary and multiple handouts and resources for keeping track of campaigns Create thrilling adventures with this revised and expanded Dungeon Master’s Guide for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Inside this essential guide is everything new and experienced Dungeon Masters need to weave epic tales, build fantastical worlds, and inspire memorable moments for your party.


2024 Monster Manual

D&D 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide and 2024 Monster Manual preorders

Anticipated release date February 4, 2025

Unironically named the “2024” revised Monster Manual, this book will update the stats of iconic monsters to match the 2024 rules updates, while also introducing a huge swath of new creatures for your games.

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual (2025) The biggest D&D monster manual ever, with over 500 total and over 75 brand-new monsters to choose from 9 terrifying new predators for higher-level play, like the arch-hag and blob of annihilation. New variations on beloved creatures like the primeval owlbear and vampire familiar 40+ versatile humanoid stat blocks that give Dungeon Masters greater flexibility when populating their worlds with NPCs. All creature stat blocks have been redesigned and rebalanced for ease of use and maximum fun Breathtaking new artwork for almost every monster, including stunning redesigns of the chromatic and metallic dragons Intuitive organization makes finding your favorite monster easier than ever before.

D&D 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide and 2024 Monster Manual preorders

This revised and expanded Monster Manual contains a horde of creatures for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Encounter a monstrous menagerie of familiar favorites like dragons, giants, and mind flayers, plus a host of new monsters like the arch-hag, the blob of annihilation, and the vampire nightbringer. Populate your worlds and adventures with the hundreds of monsters provided, and let their stories, illustrations, and easy-to-use stat blocks fuel your D&D adventures for years.


2024 Player’s Handbook 

D&D 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide and 2024 Monster Manual preorders

Anticipated early Hobby release date September 3, 2024

Backwards-compatible with the entirety of the 5th edition of the game, the new books are a big new step forward for the game, reflecting a decade of iteration and evolution. For new players this will be the definitive manual to own for D&D 5E, and for existing players this will bring loads of playtest material, erata, and “common house rules” into the fold of common rules.

For existing fans, this Player’s Handbook will introduce lots of the changes to classes that have been tested out via Unearthed Arcana, such as the overhaul to the Druids’ Wildshape ability and complete retooling of Monks.

The revisions were first announced in 2022, under the umbrella brand of One D&D. While that name has been dropped and the new versions are just called “Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual”, we’ve opted to call them “Revised” editions in order to help distinguish them in web searches. They’re still the fifth edition rules, however, the changes are substantial enough to warrant a reissue of the PHB we’ve been playing with since 2014. All existing content will be compatible with these books – so you can still play with your Deck of Many Things and Volo’s Guide – nothing about the baseline rules is changed.


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