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D&D Epic Iron Baron – January 7

“Deep in the Greypeak Mountains the fire giant warlord Baron Ugark has enslaved hundreds of small folk to toil in his iron mines furiously extracting elementally infused ore for an as yet unknown purpose. Surrounded by a monstrous army and decidedly shady allies, the Baron poses a dire threat to the goodly folk of the north.”

Module AL: DDPEP05-01
5th Edition
Part of the Storm King’s Thunder Series
This D&D Epic will offer Tier 1 (level 1-5) and Tier 2 (level 6-10) options for Adventurers League players. Players not interested in participating in adventurers league can still play in this epic, just select a Tier 1 table, belly up to the battle and roll your dice!

New players welcome! Returning AL players (and their characters of appropriate level) welcome!

$10 entry fee
Pizza lunch is included, for those with dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly

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