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D&D Skills Masterclass Series, Tuesdays in August

Part of our Epic D&D Skills series – make your D&D Epic!

6- 9 pm Tuesdays in August
One fee of $60 covers the whole month of classes – normally $20 each, this all inclusive price covers all the things you’ve been curious about while playing D&D. Learn from expert painters, DMs, and community coaches to hone your “D&D-related skills” so that you’re ready to DM, or play some next level games with great visuals. It’s all right here as part of our Epic D&D event series.

Topics Schedule

  • Tuesday, August 1: Learn to Paint D&D Characters
  • Tuesday, August 8: Worldbuilding and Improv
  • Tuesday, August 15: Learn to Paint Terrain and Bases
  • Tuesday, August 22: Learn to DM workshop
  • Tuesday, August 29: Learn to Paint D&D Monsters

All 5 weeks are included in one $60 ticket price! Please note that you should bring your own miniatures (or buy a couple) for each week of painting – this is about developing your game and your DMing skills, so we can’t tell you what’s cool! We’ll provide paints and supplies for all the activities, as well as instructors.

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Preregistration is absolutely critical for us to provide the best possible experience. There is no requirement that you participated in Season 1 or Season 2 of Epic D&D, but if you did, this class is setup with you specifically in mind. For new players, this is the perfect way to learn the painting, DMing, and improvisational skills to make your D&D game epic!

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