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FNM Commander Draft – Every Friday

Starting Friday, July 5 and running through Sept 27, we’ll be hosting a season of Friday Night Commander Drafts.

Monthly Exclusive Promo tokens

Each month we will have a new, exclusive Artist Series token with original art from some of Magic’s favorite artists. These tokens can – only – be gotten at Just Games FNM Commander Draft, and only during the month they are issued. Here is a sneak preview at July’s promo token, from Alan Pollack:

FNM Commander Draft – Every Friday
July’s promo token will be this Alan Pollack clue token
FNM Commander Draft – Every Friday
A sample Just Games artist series token back

Since these are tokens, they are 100% useable game pieces in any format you may play – including tournaments. All of the art is exclusively done for Just Games Commander Drafts – there’s no other way to get it.

Seasonal Rewards

We will also be offering a Cavern of Souls Neon Yellow ink promo (while supplies last) to any player that attend 10 Friday Night Drafts during this first season – trackable on this handy card.

FNM Commander Draft – Every Friday

The season runs 3 months, through Sept, so that leaves you plenty of time to earn this reward. If you’re a drafter and a Commander player, this night is for you.

FNM Commander Draft – Every Friday


Each season, we’ll rotate the specific packs available on a given FNM to create a curated Commander Draft experience. You can expect, at first, to receive 1 Pack of a Commander Set, 1 of a Wild Card slot, and 1 of a Legend-Heavy set. The Wild Card will generally, but not always, be the newest released “standard” set.

For example, at the start of Season 1 we will provide 1 pack of Commander Legends, 1 of Modern Horizons 3, and 1 of Dominaria United. When Bloomburrow launches it is reasonable to expect MH3 would be replaced by Bloomburrow. 

Registration is at 6 pm, with draft beginning at 6:30. Draft will be 30 minutes, with players constructing a 40 card Commander deck (instead of 60) in the Commander Draft format. Players will play 1 round at a pod of 3 or 4 players, with a time limit of 150 minutes (2.5 hours). The last player standing will earn 2 Play boosters, everyone else will get 1 Play booster. All players participating will get that month’s token, and a stamp toward their Cavern of Souls.


These drafts are still just $25. Obviously, we expect this may be popular, so if you’d like to reserve your seat for week one, you may do so online below.

Preregister for week one, season one

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