Role-Playing Store events

Free RPG Day 2018

The day to celebrate all things RPG, and shine a spotlight on smaller independent RPG companies.

Anyone who walks in, all day, will get a free supplement (while supplies last) or accessory from one of our sponsoring RPG companies as part of Free RPG Day!

Only at Just Games, you can get awesome swag from other companies, including signed prints, starter sets, and even whole books when you purchase a similarly priced item! Games and companies included are:
City of Mist
Home by Dark
Fantasy Flight Games
Pelgrane Press
Evil Hat
and more!

We also have demos of many of the games being given away. Check the schedule below and message us to set up your own game!

$5 per session

BLADES IN THE DARK – Angel Santiago
Numenera – John Kramer – Noon
Call of Cthulhu with Bill Adcock at noon
Lovecraftesque with Vinoth Sugunan
Warhammer 40K with David Rapp
3 PM
Red Markets with Ben
Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition Playtest with the Indie RPG League
City of Mist with the Indie RPG League
6 PM
Torg: Eternity with Frank Schuttee