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Free RPG Day & Board Game Swap

Fun starts at noon!
Join us for our yearly role-playing appreciation event. We’re going to do a lot of cool events, so it’s a great day to try a new role-playing game or return to an old favorite! This event schedule will grow as we get more tables, check our Facebook page’s event tab for details. There are several ways to get free RPG swag today:
– BUY any $10 or greater item and get your choice of free swag from the Free RPG Day Kit PLUS our special additions including signed books, minis, and more.
– PLAY in any of our RPG tables ($3 / player) and choose any item you want from the Free RPG Day Kit.
– RUN any of our RPG Tables and get an item of your choice.
– ATTEND the event but don’t BUY, PLAY or RUN, and get a random item from the bin
Our twice yearly Board Game Swap is at 12 pm. Bring in your old games, set your price, and other customers will buy you a gift card in that amount in exchange for your game. Clear out the closet before the new hotness of the summer and fall starts arriving!
– Set your price
– Put your game on the counter with your member ID #
– Get store credit on your member account when it sells
Swap is for today only. Items left behind at the swap become property of Just Games LLC and will be used to support local libraries and schools, added to our own library, or donated to Goodwill as appropriate.