D&D Role-Playing Store events

Free RPG Day, June 17

Free RPG Day is a cool once-a-year event where we, the Friendly Local Game Store give you (the friendly local gamer!) free RPGs. This year we have a massive box of dice and role-playing games to give away, from Star Wars to Fate, there’s something for everyone!


Scheduled Events

The event schedule is below, and you can pre-register for an event and reserve your seat using the PayPal link below that. Everyone who participates in an event gets a free book, and one lucky person who participates in an event will win a Judges Guild Deluxe Edition Vol. 1, a massive coffee-table book of D&D modules from the Judges Guild.

Dustin Manning, Dungeon Crawl Classics
Sergio Kyler, Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Bill Adcock, Call of Cthulhu
Matt Dickerson, Fate
Travis Stodter, Blades in the Dark*

4 PM
Angel Santiago, Mage the Awakening
Evan Miller Watelet, Dread
John Kramer, Numenera
Sean Sheehan, Rune Quest
Mike Sprague, Savage Worlds*

*Late addition. Email if you’d like to reserve a seat (you can do that for any of these if you’d prefer to pay on site)

Online Ticketing is closed, but there are many tickets available at the door, or you can call 585.586.0586 to prepay and reserve your seat. Please join us for this awesome RPG experience!

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