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Guild Ball End of Summer Championships

Join us for the Guild Ball Buffalo & Rochester Championships! This is where we get “serious” (read: we keep score. Yeah, it’s a beer and pretzels kinda game, so that’s serious, okay?) This tournament will begin registration at noon, dice at 12:30. As always, if you don’t know how to play and want to learn, you can get in on a Learn to Play event with one of our friendly local Pundits (Rochester has 3 as of this writing; take that cities in other states!)

We have invited our friends from the Buffalo Guild Ball Club to join us for this special event. We will also be hosting Guild Ball demos, and if there’s enough interest side events such as “Mascot Ball” to be played between rounds.

$10 entry
45 min per player and 1 min stop watch after clocked out condition. 10 min admin time. 80 minute round total.
3 rounds minimum
4 round cap

Prizes will be convention exclusives courtesy of Steamforged Games, including Convention Dice and Convention Flint, plus more based attendance.

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