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Kamigawa Game Day Draft, March 5

Featuring a Double Feature Top 8 Draft

The Game Day fun starts with registration online (or at noon while seats last)! This will be our very first Game Day in 2 years, so we’re celebrating with an amazing Double Draft Format!

We start off at 12:30 with a Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Draft! Get your practice in Wednesday and Friday nights, because you’ll want to hone your skills before this challenging format. These great promos will be at stake!

Kamigawa Game Day Draft, March 5

Each table of 8 player will get prize packs based on standings at the end of 3 rounds. Then, the top 8 players from all Kamigawa drafts (by standings) will go on to play a Double Feature Top 8 Draft for the Top 8 Game Day Prizes, PLUS more Double Feature packs.

Kamigawa Draft Prizes

The first round of drafts will get the following prizes based on standings

  • 3-0 3 Set booster packs
  • 2-1 2 set booster packs
  • All others 1 set booster pack
  • The top 8 players among all pods, by standings, will move on to an additional Double Feature Top 8 Draft.

Double Feature Top 8 Draft

  • For getting into the Top 8, you get 3 Double Feature packs to draft with
  • You also get 1 Fateful Absence promo
  • Double Feature packs based on standings, with identical formatting to the Kamigawa pack prizes above.
  • 1st place gets a Promo: Atsushi, The Blazing Sky

Sign up today, seating is limited 

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