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Lady Blackbird & Other One Shot Indie RPGs

Join us as we host the Indie RPG League of Rochester in playing Lady Blackbird and other one-shot (free) indie RPGs like Honey Heist and Cthulhu Dark on February 3 from Noon to 4 pm.

Every wanted to play an RPG that doesn’t require a lot of planning or reading? Indie RPGs are probably your jam. This event is intended to give you a free taste of what this kind of RPG is like! You can prep for it by downloading Lady Blackbird below, it’s 100% free from the creator. This event is also free! Some come on, it’ll be fun!

Lady Blackbird is below

Here’s Honey Heist

Get the idea? Like the feel of this? Check out Indie RPG League’s regular game night on Tuesdays. Their 3rd season with Just Games is coming up, with a kickoff event featuring free one shots like this on Tuesday, Feb 6 at 6 pm.

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Just Games gives back to the Rochester area community by running events and donating to schools, libraries and more!

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