Learn to Game Master RPGs, Oct 15

If you want to Game Master or Dungeon Master role-playing games, but aren’t confidant you’ve got the skills, come to this session and learn to GM from the best of them. Each of our speakers is focused on a different topic, so you can decide what you want to learn at each session. Topics change each time we run this event. Seating is limited, so pre-registration is encouraged.

October 15, 12:30 – 3:30 pm

Bill on “GMing Horror with a focus on Terror, Horror and Revulsion – the differences between them and how to use them in game, common mistakes made when running a horror game and how to avoid them. Largely system less, but with Call of Cthulhu examples as specifics are needed.”

Jon on “Managing the story: pros and cons of the two extremes of campaign style, as well as examples of how to keep your players on the campaign trail without railroading.”

Lana on “Bringing the party together, how to run for the characters and players you have and not the ones you wish you had.” Examples will be from Pathfinder and Monster of the Week.”

$20 per session.
$15 of is returned to you as store credit so that when you learn a system you like, you’ve got credit waiting to pick up the book. The remaining $5 is given to the Game Master speaker on a gift card so that they can buy materials to run learn to GM sessions.

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