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Local Designer Board Game Spotlight: Gem Hens

Releasing July 25, 2019

Local designer and friend of Just Games, Jim DiCamillo, presents Gem Hens. Recently Kickstarted, Gem Hens is a game about coaxing your chickens to peck up gems and lay the best “faberge-style” egg based on the gems they consumed. Cute and fun, Jim will be demoing this game at noon on July 27. You can pre-order it below, or check our some of the mechanics below. Support your FLGD – “Friendly Local Game Designer” with this cool addition to your board game library!

Pre-order Gem Hens

Gem Hens Preorder

All About Gem Hens

Can you coax your chicken to the right gems in order to lay the most valuable egg?  

Gem Hens challenges you to do just that.  It’s not so simple though as your opponents are also trying to make the best eggs and it’s a chicken eat gems world out there.