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May the 4th: Star Wars Day!

We could hit you with puns, and “a long time ago…” jokes, but we’re just going to say it; Star Wars is awesome. And “May the 4th” is a great excuse to play Star Wars Games! But before we do that…

  • All Star Wars Games will earn you double points today
  • We’ll have staff on hand to demo and giveaway Star Wars samples to folks shopping and participating in events
  • There may be some secret promo stuff from Fantasy Flight, but we can’t say for sure until the day (for those who have been to past events, this is “as usual”).

Speaking of events, there’s a full schedule of Star Wars games to play!

  • 1 pm Star Wars Destiny Booster Draft $20 entry, draft with Convergence, win some promos
  • 1 pm Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion $5 entry
  • 3 pm Armada Casual Play, free – bring your ships or learn
  • 6 pm Legion Open Play, demos and learn to play, or catch up on league games!


Want to see a particular event on the schedule? Email and let us know what you want to play and when!


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