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Modern Masters 2017 Magic the Gathering Drafts, March 17 & 18

Modern Masters 2017 is a hotly anticipated draft format. We are gearing up for this one with 2 days of drafting. We will be offering all day on-demand drafts (aka as soon as we get ~8 players we’ll fire a draft) on Friday.

Friday and Saturday will also be the start of the MM17 mini-league. The player who attends the most draft pods between March 17 and April 19 will win a Liliana of the Veil. We reserve the right to INCREASE this pool to include multiple players. Ties will be broken according to Wins, then Reporter standings, and then randomly.

Friday Night we’ll offer Modern Masters as a draft format as well.

Then, on Saturday, in order to prepare people for the new Standard Release weekend Draft format, we’re offering all day drafts firing up to 5 pm Saturday.

Prizes for these drafts will be as follows
2:1:1 – Modern Masters OR Eternal Masters packs (as store supply dictates). 2 for 1st, 1 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd. Additional packs will be added as individual draft table attendance dictates.

These events will be $32.41+tax ($35 even).

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