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Pro Dice Circuit : 2015 Store Champs, December 12

Love Dice Masters and want to play in a cool event? Join us for the first season of the Pro Dice Circuit and the only PDC event in New York State.


Event Name: Pro Dice Circuit – 2015 Store Championship

Format: Constructed

Game: Dice Masters

Universe: Other

Date & Time: December 12, 1pm

Save as Template: No

Scoring Method: Dice Masters

Format: Unlimited Constructed

Entry Fee: $10

Prize Support: All participants will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit D6 die created only for the 2015-2016 Store Championships. The winner of the event will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit Play Mat created only for winners of 2015-2016 Store Championships and will also receive free entry to the Pro Dice Circuit State Championship if one is held in his or her state. Top finishers will also receive store credit usable for any product Just Games stocks.

Event Guidelines: For more information regarding how Pro Dice Circuit events will be run, please visit http://prodicecircuit.com/official-event-guidelines/.

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