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Star Wars the Last Jedi Special Showing, Dec 17

We are proud to announce that Just Games will be hosting a special showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi for our customers at 12:30 pm on Sunday, December 17 at Pittsford Cinema 9. Seatings begin at noon. The first 18 customers to arrive at the theater will get 1 Star Wars Destiny starter deck, free!

The movie is in the newly renovated theater with 155 spacious full reclining seats for maximum comfort. Pittsford Cinema 9 is a hidden gem of a theater, located just minutes from Just Games. With a full service snack bar, it’s everything you’d expect from a big theater, tucked away in the heart of Pittsford! Map your way there using Google.

How do you get tickets to this event? It’s easy! If you’re a member already, you can spend points to get yourself free tickets. If you’re not a member, or want more tickets than you have points, you can do anything on the list below. Tickets are available from now until Dec 16, while supplies last, so do some early Christmas shopping and go see The Last Jedi with your family and friends for free.

How to get The Last Jedi tickets

Each item on this list gets you 1 free ticket, while supplies last, for each time you do it. Any exceptions are noted.

  • 1000 Member Rewards Points (MRP) = 1 ticket
  • Reserve a copy of Star Wars Legion (final price will be $89.99, due in early 2018, ticket available upon reservation)
  • Pre-pay for a box of Star Wars Destiny: Legacies (due mid December)
  • Buy 1 booster box of Iconic Masters, get 2 free tickets (Pickup box Nov 17)
  • Subscribe to X-Wing or the Star Wars LCG or any other Living Card Game (Arkham Horror, L5R, etc)
  • Buy $100+ of anything else totally unrelated to Star Wars, get 1 free ticket
  • Leave a review using your real name on our business page
  • You may buy extra tickets in-store or below for $11
  • Have already done one of the things above? Great! Just come into the store to get your free ticket!
  • All tickets must be picked up in-store prior to the show


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Star Wars the Last Jedi Special Showing, Dec 17

Star Wars the Last Jedi Special Showing, Dec 17

Tickets are non-refundable at Just Games and have no cash value. Tickets are good only for the show time listed on the ticket. Ticket must be picked up at the store prior to December 16 to be valid.

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