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2-Headed Standard Magic: the Gathering, Friday 6pm

Join us this Friday as we try our first-ever 2-Headed Giant Standard Constructed event! We’re going to run this for a month and see how it goes. If we can get 32 players (16 teams), we’re going to give away a giant 2-headed giant trophy to the team voted the best sports, and another to the team that wins the most games! We hope to make this a regular event, so bring your friends!


What is 2-headed Giant?

Two-headed giant is a team format. So you and a friend, or spouse, or sibling, or parent (or any other person), form a team. You play as a team, and you win or lose as a team. Sounds cool, right? You can get all the details right here on Wizards official website for 2-Headed Giant. Details for us are:

  • Cost is $7 per player
  • New players at their first “store game” get a free pack
  • Prizes are 1 pack per player, per match won.
  • We’ll play 3 rounds, lasting 50 minutes each.
  • In each round, you’ll need to play 1 game (not 3 like in regular standard).
  • Registration at 6 pm, round 1 at 6:30 pm (same as FNM)


How to Make Decks

We’re going to play “Unified” 2-headed giant standard constructed. Whew. Lots of words there. That means each player brings:

  • One 60-card deck, prebuild (that’s called “constructed”)
  • Only in-print cards are allowed (that’s “standard”). See what’s in Standard at
  • Each teams two decks cannot contain more than 4 copies of 1 card total. So if I play 1 Jace, you can play up to 3 Jace, but not 4. If I play 2, you can play 2. If I play 4, you can’t play any. And so on. That’s called “Unified”.

So the idea is your team makes two coherent decks. Maybe yours is aggressive and does lots of damage, while mine protects creatures and runs planeswalkers that control the board. Perhaps we both run aggressive decks and just try to outpace our opponent(s).

2-Headed Standard Magic: the Gathering, Friday 6pm

What if I don’t have a partner?

You can come early, at 5 pm, and spend an hour and a half building decks together.


Will you hold all your regular events? 

Of course! 2-Headed Standard is an extra event we wanted to try! If you want to play draft, or regular Standard, or Modern, you still can!

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