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2022 Magic Store Championship | July 16, 1 pm

Magic Store Championships return! Once again, this year the top 8 players at each store will receive 1 or more promo cards with that store’s name printed on them; but this year’s promos are a doozy.

Just Games will be hosting this event as a draft, followed by a top 8 draft for top players in each pod. Pricing is all inclusive, so if you top 8, your second draft event is covered. The event will feature two different 2022 draft formats, so as to test and showcase the skill of our players. And as a thank you to you, we’ll be running this event at an amazing price!

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Format & Cost

Cost is $40 per player, after tax, and includes all packs, prizes and materials for play. 

Signups will be from noon to 1 pm, with draft beginning promptly at 1pm. The first portion of the event is a New Capenna draft; each player will be supplied with 3 packs of New Capenna to draft with. After 3 rounds of New Capenna Draft, the top finishing players will move on. Prizes for New Capenna will be 1 pack of New Capenna Set boosters.

There will be a 30 minute break for dinner following the first draft.

The top 8 will then draft Double Masters and battle it out to determine who takes home the Championship Dark Confidant, and additional fabulous prizes!

Store Championship Prizes

2022 Magic Store Championship | July 16, 1 pm

  • 1 Flame Slash for participating in the event (at least one round)
  • 1 Collector Pack of your choice ($40 or less) for finishing all 3 rounds of draft
  • 1 Archmage’s Charm for making the top 8 cut (with “Just Games” printed on it) + 1 additional Collector Booster pack of your choice ($40 or less).
  • 1 Dark Confidant for winning the top 8 + 4 additional packs of Collector Boosters ($40 or less boosters).
  • Take home all the cards you draft (possible 3 packs of Double Masters, 3 packs of New Capenna)
  • Any player who gets tie-broken out of the Top 8 will receive 2 bonus Crimson Vow Collector Packs to offset this unfun (but possible) aspect of competitive play.

Everyone who participates takes home Flame Slash (while supplies last), Archmage’s Charm is awarded to the players in the Top 8, and the winner takes home Dark Confidant. As a WPN Premium store, Just Games will have our name printed on the Top 8 and winner promo cards, making your victory there clear. If you’ve been a player here for years, this is your chance to put your stamp on the store forever – don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to compete for unique Magic cards!

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