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40K Escalation Capstone Tournament, July 2

To wrap up our Just Games Escalation League, we will be hosting a 40K Capstone tournament where both members of the league and veteran players can pit their armies against each other over a single day event.

If you participated in the Escalation League and finished your army, you’ll run that against fellow escalation members and veteran players alike–both of which are encouraged to join! We will be using the BestCoastPairings app, where players will post their army lists and their factions.

Preregister online today

Entry Fee: $20

  • July 2nd, 1 PM event start time.
  • Three Rounds.
  • 16 Player Maximum

Prize Support

All prize support will be based on number of participants and will be paid in store credit.

  • Best Painted
    • This will be determined by a secret ballot handed out between the second and third round.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as determined by the final standings on BCP.

Round Times

Rounds will be 2 ½ hours, with twenty minute breaks between each round.


This event will run at 2000 points and use matched play missions out of the Nachmund Chapter Approved book.


Tournament points will be determined by wins, losses, and ties. Wins will grant 3 tournament points, ties will grant 1 tournament point, and losses will grant 0.

All current point values, rules, and supplements will be in play on the day of the tournament.

Prize support will be given out to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and best painted on the day of the event.

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