Age of Rebellion campaign, Thursdays, 6 pm

Age of Rebellion, but characters may be created with any core book (Force & Destiny or Edge of the Empire). This will be an ongoing campaign, running at 6 pm every Thursday.

$3 GM fee applies

Operation: Shadowpoint. Over the course of Operation: Shadowpoint, the Hero Players are offered opportunities and choices, which the adventure provides to the GM in the form of “event seeds.” Each event seed is a stand-alone scenario. The GM can hurl the party into any of these scenarios or give the Hero Players hints so that they can uncover the scenarios themselves. As the heroes brave the deadly jungles of Onderon, sneak through the capitol of Iziz, and even travel to Dxun, the so-called Demon Moon, they have numerous opportunities to win allies for the cause, gather new equipment and resources, and upgrade their base. The Hero Players begin the adventure with a head start, but the Empire’s retaliation is inevitable. When the big attack comes, the heroes’ actions over the course of the adventure will dramatically affect their defenses, resources, and opportunities. The allies they have rallied and the weapons they have gathered can all come into play during this final confrontation!

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