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Battle Spirits SAGA Store Championship, July 22, 1pm

*BANDAI TCG+ Registration Required
Entry Fee: $15.00

Tournament Format: Constructed
Tournament Structure: Best of 3 Match with Rounds based on player attendance.
Prize Payout to Standings (No Top Cut)*
*Rounds may end early once a single undefeated remains
Round Time: 60 mins

End of Match Procedures:
3 additional turns with 5 min time in round.

Prize Support

  • Prize Payout to Standings (No Top Cut)
  • 2 Booster Packs per player will be entered into the prize pool to be paid out to Standings.

Additional Prize Support

  • 1st place gets winner promos
  • First 16 sign ups get a Store Championship Participation promo.

Preregister online

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