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Black Friday Sales, Small Business Saturday and Spectacular Sunday!

This Friday, November 29 is the infamous “Black Friday.” That magical time of year when people get trampled for a fancy TV. Here at Just Games, we’re all for having a little sale now and then, but we avoid the trampling. So this coming weekend, we’ll have three different sales events spread over 3 days, to relieve some of the pressure and let you do that early holiday shopping when and how you want to. Here are the details:

November 28: Thanksgiving

We’re closed! Not open in the evening, not in the morning, not at all. Our staff are home eating turkey and celebrating with their families.

November 29: Black Friday

Store-wide sales from 30-60% off hot titles from awesome manufacturers that we have far too many copies of because, oopsie, sometimes we buy too many. Ah well, tis the season of giving, and this shall be one of many gifts!

The fine print: Specific items cannot be advertised in this sale because they will be below the rules set by manufacturers on price floors (we can sell them for less, but we can’t advertise it. We know, goofy). These are one time deals that may not be combined with other discounts. Store credit on member accounts, discounts from points, coupons or trade ins may not be used for Black Friday sale items. 

November 30: Small Business Saturday

Triple Member Reward points on all full price purchases! Haven’t opened a membership yet? This is the time! Remember those reward points can be redeemed a bunch of ways, but getting triple points really ratchets their value up. For example, triple points on one $50 board game could earn you three free board game rentals, or 30% of the purchase price back in rewards!

December 1: Spectacular Sunday

Clear the way for new December releases! Spectacular Sunday will have games as cheap as $1, ranging from 50-90% off. We need our shelves back, and these games need to go! A great day to pick up some fast gifts for unexpected holiday guests.

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