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Board Game Expo, April 4

Board Game Expo is a new event from the creators of Free RPG Day! Basically, it’s a great, big, huge, early release party for some hot titles from your favorite publishers! You’ll be able to get these titles at least 30 days in advance of their regular release, anywhere else. There will be a slate of great promo items for all of these games available to participants. Best of all, on April 4 we’ll be showing off each and every one of these titles at our very own Board Game Expo Demo event! You can stop in, grab a snack, check out the games, see what you like, and take a brand new title home to your friends and family.

This is a big deal, and the game titles are important releases from major publishers. Many new game titles and exclusive promos for some very popular game titles  (Death Eaters rising anyone?) will make it an amazing event not to be missed. Only 100 stores nationwide will be permitted to participate in this event, and here at Just Games we’re pleased to partner with Gaming Days and some truly amazing publishers to bring you a fantastic gaming extravaganza!

Below you can read more about the titles that are currently announced for BGX 2020. Keep checking back here for details, preorder bonuses, promos and more information as the event approaches.


BGX 2020 Announced Games

Announced games for Board Game Expo 2020. Participating retail stores will have limited quantities of the following games for BGX 2020 in advance of their general release date.

Cosmic Encounter Duel

Cosmic Encounter Duel

Announced January 29, 2020

The Cosmic Citizenship Council has announced it will allow two new alien species to join its ranks! However, the Council forgot to make two copies of the filing form, meaning really only one species can join…

Tang Garden Box

Tang Garden

Announced January 29, 2020

The Tang dynasty was considered the first golden age of the classical and now iconic Chinese gardens. Emperor Xuanzong built the magnificent imperial Garden of the Majestic Clear Lake as an homage of life itself.

Deep Vents

Deep Vents

Announced January 29, 2020

In Deep Vents, players control a hydrothermal ecosystem with a host of strange and deadly predators. To flourish in the unforgiving depths, efficiency is key. Other hungry ecosystems grow nearby, and not everyone will survive!

Similo Myths

Similo: Myths

Announced January 28, 2020

Similo is a cooperative deduction game. Each version comes with a deck of 30 cards, beautifully illustrated by Naïade, showing the portrait and the name of a series of characters with a common theme, like history.

Tiny Box of Fun

Looney Labs’ Tiny Box of Fun

Announced January 28, 2020

Put some fun in your pocket with Tiny Fluxx and Are You a Robot! Tiny Fluxx is a two-player introduction to the world of Fluxx, featuring five tiny Keepers–an ant, a ladybug, a computer chip, a chocolate chip, and a cinnamon candy.



Announced January 27, 2020

In Sonora, players flick wooden disks onto a game board representative of the different vibrant landscapes across the Sonoran sands. Each area encompasses a different unique game, so skillful aim is required to play in the region of a player’s choosing!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Announced January 27, 2020

In Santa Monica, you are trying to create the most appealing neighborhood in Southern California. Will you choose to create a calm, quiet beach focusing on nature, a bustling beach full of tourists, or something in between to appeal to the locals?

Sugar Blast Box

Sugar Blast

Announced January 26, 2020

Making sweet combinations can be such a blast! In Sugar Blast, you try to make connections between same-colored Candies to create Blasts!



Announced January 26, 2020

Featuring colorful art and simple symbology, Stampede plays quickly and elegantly as players plan efficient moves to complete their stamp collection.

Space Battle Lunchtime Box

Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game

Announced January 26, 2020

Players face off as contestants in the intergalactic cooking competition show. Then collect and combine flavor cards to create the perfect prize-winning dish!

Succulent Box


Announced January 25, 2020

Your succulent garden is amazing! Through thoughtful selection, delicate pruning, and tireless care, you’ve earned a reputation as a master horticulturist.

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