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Call of Cthulhu Halloween Investigations

Join us as local RPG author, Bill Adcock, once again heads up the Call of Cthulhu Halloween Investigations, a series of Call of Cthulhu RPG events designed to tickle your terror bone and drive you mad! Preregistration is strongly encouraged, as this special event only has 18 seats. Each noon to 4 pm investigation will lead into a final, elimination scenario, where only the sanest survivors will continue. Halloween drinks and snacks provided, one (or more, depending on attendance) players that survives to the end will receive the Doors to Darkness Investigations book for Call of Cthulhu – perfect for anyone aspiring to run the game at home.

Events are filling so please call or come in to buy tickets and reserve your seat!

The Devil In The Details (1920s Era Call of Cthulhu, max. 6 players) The employees of an antiques dealer are anticipating a fairly relaxing getaway, cataloging the contents of the old Davidson house for sale.  They soon learn, however, that small mistakes have a way of growing, and the only thing more dangerous than knowing too much is knowing too little.

Borne Into Darkness (1920s Era Call of Cthulhu, 6 players max) A number of disappearances from the Restful Nights motel have the police baffled.  For the investigators, it’s a reminder: Small towns can hide the biggest secrets.

Halloween in Dunwich (1920s Era Call of Cthulhu, 6 players max) For you and your cousins, Great Grandpa Silas’ Halloween party is second only to Christmas morning and your own birthdays.  With fresh cider, pumpkin carving, and ghost stories at night, you can’t imagine a better Halloween night. *Please note that registration is closed for this module*

4 pm to 8 pm – Survivors from the noon to 4 pm schedule, no pre-reg or at the door signup. Free if you played the Noon to 4 pm slot.

Dead Light (1920s Era Call of Cthulhu, 6 players max) A lonely road outside of Arkham and a downpour they’re calling the storm of the century.  But the gas station sign isn’t the only thing illuminating the night.  This is an Elimination Challenge Scenario – the player of the last surviving investigator will be taking home a prize pack to celebrate their victory (or at least, their survival).

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