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Commander 2018 Launch Event “Commander Challenge”

Commander players, just in case you needed it, we’re giving you one more reason to pre-order your Commander 2018 decks from us! On Saturday August 11 at noon, we will be hosting a Commander 2018 Launch event. What is this splendorous Commander event? Quite simple!


Use any one of the new Commander 2018 decks
Tables of 3-4, 2-3 rounds. Last player standing at each table gets a prize and advances. Eliminated players get free entry into our weekly league (and all the benefits that come with it). Prizes get better each round!
Round 1: 1 pack of Core 2018
Round 2: 2 packs of UnStable
Round 3: Last Player Standing gets a Signature Spellbook: Jace

If you order all 4 decks from us, the event is free! Buy 1 deck, get in for $5. Otherwise the cost is $10. So come on out and play some Commander!


Pre-order your decks online or in store

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