Magic: the Gathering

Commander Masters – Limited Early Preorder

Commander Masters might be the most expensive Magic set ever produced by Wizards. It comes out August 4. Given the unprecedented lead time, we’re going to offer preorders for boxes only for this set early, from now until May 21.

If you want packs or commander decks, don’t worry – this are coming later. If they later announce promos, previews, etc, you’ll get those. If we later lower our price, we’ll refund the difference in store credit for those who participate in this early preorder period and buy before May 21, ONLY. But if what you want is to make sure you get this product, and you get it from your FLGS, this is your window.

Craft a Commander collection that turns heads with some of the greatest cards to grace the Commander format spiced up with stunning special treatments. Every Collector Booster contains 1 Foil-Etched card, 5 Borderless cards (1 of which may be Textured Foil), an Extended-Art card of rarity Rare or higher from one of the Commander Masters Commander Decks, and a total of 9–11 Traditional Foil cards to really make your decks shine. No matter how the game ends, you’re guaranteed to look like a winner.

Preorder your boxes 

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