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Commander Party – Summer

Form your fellowship, grab your rings, and traverse the many realms of Middle-Earth at our Lord of the Rings Commander Party on August 26th at 12:00 PM.

Get in some games of Commander while journeying through the locations based on Frodo’s quest in the Lord of the Rings.
Upon your arrival at each area, you are met with a new effect that changes the game, as well as a goal your group has to meet to journey to the next location.

For example, when you first reach the rather friendly green hills of the Shire, each player will make a Food token. Then, once there are no Food tokens left in play, the table’s goal has been reached and you all progress to the next area.

Commander Party – Summer
Plan carefully, the goals will get more difficult as the journey becomes more perilous, but with some teamwork you SHALL pass!

Each participant receives a promotional Lifecrafter’s Bestiary

And, as a reward for completing your arduous journey to Mount Doom, each player will receive a very precious set of Lord of the Rings dice.

We will also have some themed snacks, and fun!

Entry is $10, and given how our custom Commander Events have sold out in the past, we recommend signing up early.

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