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COVID-19 Update: New Virtual Store Open to the public

Here at Just Games Rochester, we’re working hard during the shutdown to make our store accessible to you. Whether it’s Magic, D&D, Pokemon, puzzles or Games Workshop you’re looking for, we wanted a solution for all of them. This weekend, we’re rolling out one more way to do that. Using virtual reality-compatible technology, we’ve made a store you can actually tour while wearing VR glasses! What’s more, you can shop the inventory that is right there, on our shelves, while you do it!

Don’t worry! If you don’t have VR glasses, you can tour it on your cell phone or browser. And for those who prefer a traditional “online catalog view” you can switch by hitting the big orange button. That said, we know a lot of folks are visual shoppers, so as we go on with this shut down, we hope this will give you a chance to “browse” our racks remotely, see what’s changing inside the store, and all the while stay safe and socially distant! Just click the “SHOP” link above, or head to

COVID-19 Update: New Virtual Store Open to the public

Live Inventory

This is what we have in stock, or on preorder, right now. So when you order, and you choose Delivery, we’ll bring it to you on our next scheduled delivery day (currently Tuesday / Thursday, with Saturday getting added on as volume demands).

Member Rewards Account Syncing

This site fully integrates your rewards too, so if you want to sign up for an account just to see your rewards points, you should:

1) Make sure to use the email you signed up for in-store rewards with
2) Fully complete registration until you see the confirmation page.

That’s it! If you don’t know your email, you can message It’s far easier for us to email you, then to fix it later 🙂

What about Special Orders?

This site is going to get more robust in some areas. We expect Games Workshop, for example, to have a full catalog of backorders sometime in the next 2 weeks. But if you want something you don’t see, you can always email us at or chat with us via our Facebook page.

Distribution network

Some major shifts are happening in distribution right now that will help us with restocks of popular items (puzzles, board games). First, Asmodee has reopened one of their warehouses. So some of those games stuck in “backorder purgatory” will begin moving again. Second, Games Workshop is rumbling it’s way back toward shipping again, which will mean a steady flow of paint and minis. We still have no word on new releases being restarted from either of those industry giants though,


Not yet.

What I’d like you to know, as the business owner, is that my first concern is the safety of our staff and customers. We will do curbside the first day it is SAFE and LEGAL to do so. Currently, unfortunately, it is still neither of those. Believe me, I get that it’s easier on all of us, and the social interaction – even through glass display windows – is preferable to online.





What’s the difference between delivery and shipping?

Shipping, we pick any third party service that can get you the package anywhere in the world. Delivery, we pay that $10 fee directly to our staff, and it’s for local area addresses only.

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